A Trip Down 2017

Rang in the new year at Casa Cranzini with my closest friends

Went on a luxury cruise with Austin and two of my best friends

Took Austin out for the best sushi dinner on his 21st birthday

Went to Las Vegas during March Madness

Threw an awesome Seder with even more awesome people (and great brisket!)

Saw 21 pilots with one of my best friends at the Gorge in Washington state (Epic)

Celebrated my 50th birthday in my favorite city, Seattle

Spent a respectable amount of time writing and painting with some of my best friends, who continue to inspire my creativity every day

Said “so long” the greatest neighbors (and friends), knowing for certain I would see them again and always remain as close as we were regardless of distance

Weathered a rough storm thanks to all the wonderful people in my life

Shared a delicious thanksgiving meal with family and friends…and beer

Played in the snow with 3 year olds

…and those are just the highlights.

I am blessed to have had many more memorable times this year.

Thank you Universe…mean it.


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