Krazy A to Z Challenge 2017 – “R”


In my life I’ve taken small risks like anyone else, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve never done anything really big. I have friends who have moved across the country multiple times, changing their lives completely and a friend who gave up a career that wasn’t satisfying in order to pursue her dream. Incidentally, both of those situations worked out for the better. I, on the other hand, have always taken the safe route, too worried about small details and logistics to allow myself to step outside the ordinary and mundane. The time has come to shake things up, throw caution to the wind, and take a chance. It’s scary, yes, but exciting, too. I wonder if I will have the courage to follow through, but as I ponder, I can’t help but remember the words of the wisest woman I’ve ever known. I went to her once with a krazy plan and she didn’t shoot it down or try to talk me out of it. Instead she simply said “Go for it”, which meant she believed in me and it gave me the strength to believe in myself. All those years ago I was brave. Maybe it was because of her words or maybe I had it in me all the time. Maybe I still do.



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