Krazy A to Z Challenge 2017 – “I”

Ingenious Igloos

Last year, Guinness worlds Records confirmed the largest dome igloo in existence. It is in Zermatt, Switzerland and measures 10.5 m tall, with a diameter of 12.9 m (42 ft. 4 in). The structure consists of over 1400 blocks of snow.

Here are 8 krazy facts about igloos:

1. Igloo comes from the Inuit Indian word for home.

2. Snow igloos are constructed with large blocks of dry, hard snow that lean inward to form a dome.

3. Snow and ice work as insulators to trap body heat in the igloo so the people inside act as a furnace by providing their own heat.

4. Even with outside temperatures of minus 50 degrees, the temperature inside an igloo can reach a comfortable 60 degrees.

5. The igloo entrance is usually dug below ground level and is only wide enough for one person to enter at a time, though some igloos are large enough on the inside to hold 20 adults.

6. The snow begins to melt slightly on the inside of the igloo after a few days when occupied. During the times when it’s unoccupied, the melted snow freezes. The gradual thawing and freezing turn the structure to ice, making it stronger and warmer on the inside.

7. The igloo, if correctly built, will support the weight of a person standing on the roof.

8. A proper igloo can withstand hurricane force winds

All in all I’d say the igloo is an ingenious method for building a strong, protective shelter, and you can check out some “cool” igloo pictures here.



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