Krazy A to Z Challenge 2017 – “G”


Next month I am going to a little town called George, WA, home to the outdoor festival grounds known as The Gorge. It is about 2 ½ hours outside of Seattle, so of course a visit to Seattle had to be part of the whole excursion. Now, most people who know me know I have a great affinity for the West Coast, especially Washington state. The last time I was in Seattle, I got the opportunity to introduce it to my best friend. I talked about it so much before we got there, I was sure I’d built up her expectations too high, but she loved it. Now, we are headed back and extremely excited for the Sasquatch! Music Festival and our date to see Twenty One Pilots in concert. If you’ve never seen pictures of The Gorge check it out here, and you’ll see why we can’t help but feel this is going to be an epic trip.



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