Krazy A to Z Challenge 2017 – “D”

Decisions, Decisions

When I think of a decision, it’s usually in the form of a choice between one or more equally good (or bad) alternatives. Those usually take me a lot of time and analysis to tackle. But there is another kind which I’ve recently become acquainted with: the decision to take an action. The key difference here is the fact that I wasn’t previously presented with an issue and I don’t have to select a solution. Simply put, there is something I want, and I have decided to pursue it. Now, this may not seem as difficult as the first kind of decision, mostly because there is not as much urgency. There’s no time limit to follow, except the one that I impose upon myself. And even more importantly, there can be no second-guessing after the fact as to whether I should’ve gone with option “A” vs “B”. It’s not an exercise in “picking”, it’s one of taking action. Hold on, now, that is starting to seem scary. Turns out there is a big risk. What if I’m being foolish or frivolous, even? How did I come up with this idea? Is it brilliant or krazy? The truth is, I can’t know for sure. But as terrifying as it may seem to go after what I want, it would be far worse to never even try.



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