Krazy A to Z Challenge 2017 – “A”


Once there was an alligator named Abigail who lived all alone in a marsh. Every day Abigail would swim around her pond looking for food and trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. She loved lying around and feeling the warm sun on her back as she floated. No one bothered Abigail and she was quite happy having the space all to herself until one day she spotted another alligator swimming in the distance. This frightened Abigail and she worried the other alligator might hurt her, so she started spending her days hiding in the grassy areas of her pond instead of lying in the sun and enjoying herself. She tried her best to stay out of sight and avoid the other alligator, but it was useless, and before she knew it, Abigail was wasting all of her time protecting herself, and she realized she wasn’t happy anymore. She decided to take a chance and swim over, and when she did, she noticed a part of the marsh she hadn’t seen before. It was quite lovely and Abigail was glad she had ventured over to the other alligator, Annabelle. It turned out Annabelle had been just as scared as Abigail and was so happy to meet her. Before long the two were passing the days away together frolicking in the water and having a wonderful time. Abigail thought back on the days when she lived by herself and she had no trouble deciding that it was much better sharing the marsh with Annabelle.



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