Like Krazy


I wrote this last year for the A to Z blogging challenge, and many people may not know that it is about my son Austin. Well, today is Austin’s 21st birthday, so I thought maybe it was a good time to re-post this poem.



Happy Birthday, Bubba.

I love you with all my heart and soul…I love you like Krazy.

His eyes weren’t always green.
They started out that same unfinished shade common to all infants.
Until the moment when that sparkle appears
The sparkle of awareness – of their surroundings
The sparkle of recognition – of the people who love them
The sparkle of determination – to become who they are meant to be
Now when I look into his bright, almost translucent eyes,
I see the child who inspired me to be the best I could – for him.
I see the man he has grown to be, still inspiring me with his enthusiasm and zest for life.
And I know why green is my favorite color.


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