Krazy Eights – Tiffani


I’ve gotten into the habit of writing birthday postings for my friends and loved ones. The first one I ever wrote was for Dave, and the idea came to me because he is so unique that writing a list of things I love about him was easy. After that, I continued the tradition with other friends, like Deann and Karen, always listing funny things about them or reasons why they are so special to me. Then, during the month of May, I was in the middle of a blogging challenge (May Day Blogging Challenge, see the category to read some postings). The challenge was centered on writing about famous events that occurred on the day in history, so on May 12th I wrote about my friend Cherrie’s birthday. And so on…

Now I find myself once again, days away from a friend’s birthday and it should be simple to sit down and write a Krazy Eights posting or even a funny anecdote about her. But what do you write when the friend in question is not just any ordinary friend? What do you say about someone who came into your life and irrevocably changed it for the better?

I guess I could just write Happy Birthday, Tiffani. I’m glad you are my friend.

But somehow it doesn’t seem like enough.

There’s only one gift I can give to her, which is worthy (other than an Amazon gift card or a Starbuck’s gift card or an Old Navy gift card or… you get the idea), and so here it is (with all the sappy and sugary-sweet emotion that I can only promise to provide once a year – maybe twice).

Eight not-so-Krazy things that make Tiffani an amazing friend and person:

  1. She always thinks of others, even if she has to sacrifice her own feelings, but she is the kind of person who makes others want to do nice things for her.
  2. She has an uncanny way of knowing me even better than I know myself.
  3. With an enormous amount of empathy, she is always on my side, while her strong sense of ethics always guides me to do the right thing.
  4. When we’re together there is no shortage of laughter, adventure, silly banter, crazy antics, and beer.
  5. No one else would sing every word of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with me while driving, at the top of our lungs, with harmonies and imaginary microphones (and agree that we sounded awesome).
  6. When I’m sick, she asks how I’m feeling and checks up on me (constantly).
  7. When something is on my mind, she knows just how much to push to get me to talk, and when to just let me be (and then she yells at me later for taking so long to talk to her).
  8. Her friendship is given without pretense or judgment, without asking for anything in return, and with a free and pure sentiment that has taught me the meaning of words like “true” and “unconditional”.

There are many more examples, and while eight isn’t nearly enough, the rules state I must end here. So I will conclude by telling Tiffani how incredibly lucky I feel that she walked into my life four years ago. The fact that she knowingly and intentionally allows me to be a part of her world and an extended part of her wonderful family will never cease to amaze me.

I will always do my best to be the friend she deserves.


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