Krazy Eights – Kerri


Happy Birthday to my cousin Kerri. You know how much I love you (A LOT).

Eight Krazy reasons why I love my baby cousin:

  1. We have the same brain.
  2. People often mistake us for sisters because we look and act alike.
  3. We met when I was five and she was only a few days old and that is the very first recollection I have of meeting an infant.
  4. If I like it, the she will like it, and vice versa.
  5. I can call or text her as late as I want and she’ll always be awake (just like me).
  6. As similar as we are, we are different enough to be interesting to each other.
  7. She’s even goofier than I am, which is pretty darn goofy.
  8. When I think of my best memories, she is always there.

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