May Day Challenge – May 18th

MDBC2016My friend and I got involved in the April A-Z blogging challenge and it motivated us to post 26 blogs. Now we find ourselves on April 30th worried all of that momentum will go to waste. But fear not, we came up with a great idea, the May Day Blogging Challenge. Check the previous post for details.

B.C. (Before Coco)

May 18, 2013, my little Chihuahua Sara passed away. She was only ten years old and it was a pretty big shock. I just woke up that morning, noticed she was having trouble breathing, and by evening she was gone. It wasn’t the first time I had lost a pet or even a dog, but it was the first time I cried over an animal.

Sara was very special to me. I got her as a tiny pup in November of 2002 (about a month after my mom passed away). At the time, I think I just needed something new in my life. And it needed to be something I could grow to love. Sara was indeed that.

People tried to tell me how mean and unsocial the Chihuahua breed is, but we proved everyone wrong, because Sara was the sweetest most loving animal I had ever come across. Yes, she had a strong attachment to me and the common protective nature. However, she loved when we had company and always made a point of schmoozing with every party guest. She certainly was unique.

And she brought out a side of Austin that was wonderful to see develop. He treated her like his child, caring for her and showering her with love.

So I dedicate today’s post to Sara (a.k.a. sairba, a.k.a. shubbie, a.k.a puppy).

Austin and I love and miss you, and Coco, does too.


One thought on “May Day Challenge – May 18th

  1. Love your “love for Sara” story. Sara was a precious fur baby; and, Coco is the same breed but has her own unique personality. BTW, my mother (your grandma) was named “Sarah”…such a beautiful name.


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