May Day Challenge – May 8th

MDBC2016My friend and I got involved in the April A-Z blogging challenge and it motivated us to post 26 blogs. Now we find ourselves on April 30th worried all of that momentum will go to waste. But fear not, we came up with a great idea, the May Day Blogging Challenge. Check the previous post for details.


May 8th, 1945 – the end of the Prague Uprising.

I have long wanted to visit the Czech Republic. It’s not that easy to get there and it’s expensive, but I will do it eventually.

The uprising is interesting to me because they were kicking out the Germans which was pretty common around that time. Also they got help from the Russians. U.S. General Patton was forced to stay away even though we had reconnaissance units twelve miles south of Prague. This was due to the Red Army’s insistence that we adhere to some demarcation line. It all seems kind of crazy to me today, especially since the U.S. butts its nose into everything these days, and every country kind of expects us to. However, it is kind of cool that the whole insurgence was inspired over radio asking the nation to rise up and people in the streets to build barricades. Power to the people!




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