May Day Challenge – May 6th

MDBC2016My friend and I got involved in the April A-Z blogging challenge and it motivated us to post 26 blogs. Now we find ourselves on April 30th worried all of that momentum will go to waste. But fear not, we came up with a great idea, the May Day Blogging Challenge. Check the previous post for details.


On May 6th, 1937 the Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed, killing 35 of the 97 people on board and one crewman on the ground. What I discovered upon reading about the incident is that there are many hypotheses on the cause of the disaster, ranging from sabotage, to chemical mishaps, to acts of nature. Regardless of how it happened, it marked the end of what was a very short-lived “airship era”, and consequently we can’t hop on a blimp these days and head over to Germany. Considering it took three days, I guess that’s not such a big loss after all.


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