Krazy A to Z Challenge – “Z”

ZI have decided to participate in a blogging event called “Blogging From A to Z Challenge”. Each day for the month of April I will write a post corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. As you may have guessed, today’s letter is “Z”.


There’s no way I can forget you when you’re not even gone.
I need space and some distance for me to move on.

For still every morning starts with you in my head.
Filled with memories and musings of things we have said.

It’s a battle, for sure, of the uphill kind.
Trying to erase you from my heart and my mind.

Again that might work or be simpler it’s true.
If my days weren’t filled of new moments with you.

But if your heart isn’t in it or it’s half and not whole,
That’s not good enough for my vulnerable soul.

So I urge you, I plead, help me break from this spell.
Let me go, walk away, say goodbye, wish me well.
I won’t go on my own, there’s no chance in hell.


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