Krazy A to Z Challenge – “K”

KI have decided to participate in a blogging event called “Blogging From A to Z Challenge”. Each day for the month of April I will write a post corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. As you may have guessed, today’s letter is “K”.

So far, I have been posting poetry and free verse, but today I am taking a detour for the letter “K”. I’m going back to an old favorite, “Krazy Eights”. This one is for my friend Karen. Her birthday is coming up, and normally I would post this on that day, but today’s letter is “K”, so….

My favorite things about Karen:

1. We like the same music, and constantly tell each other.

2. She is in total agreement with our 3 to 4 hugs per year agreement.

3. She kinda, sorta moved to Canada, but she never really left us.

4. No matter how many times I turn her down, she continues to ask me to go to Round Up.

5. We don’t talk as much as other people, but we always have great conversations.

6. She will dance any line dance with me – even Canadian Stomp!

7. Her love of camo snapbacks and peace signs is surpassed only by my own.

8. She always tells me how FUN I am.

So there you have it. Early Happy Birthday, Karen! So glad you are in my life!


2 thoughts on “Krazy A to Z Challenge – “K”

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