Krazy About Today

Today I participated in DCCVI, the Dolphins Cancer Challenge. This was my third year riding my bicycle to raise funds for Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami, and it was a huge success.

I alone raised over $500, and that’s nothing compared to the millions raised by everyone who volunteered. Not to mention all of the famous football stars in attendance, as well as musical performers Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow, both cancer survivors themselves.

I’ll admit the ride was a bit rough at the start, with the wind doing its best to beat us down. But the camaraderie and sheer determination of all involved helped me push on. Every mile that we put behind us was a victory in itself, and we all supported each other like one big family.

My route was approximately thirteen miles from Dolphin Training Camp in Davie to Dolphin Sun-Life Stadium in north dade, but others rode as much as twenty-five, forty-five and even one hundred miles for the cause.

I can’t even describe the feeling of crossing the finish line not only for the thrill of the challenge but for the science and the medicine and the research that we help fund.

And mostly for the people who benefit.

Because all of us love someone who has been affected by cancer and all of us would do so much more than ride a bicycle for the ones we love. It was an honor and a pleasure to take part in this year’s event and I thank all of you who donated to help me reach my goal.

Until next year, when I’ll be Krazy enough to do it all over again.

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, there’s still time.

Just follow this link to… my page


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