Krazy Eights – Dave

Krazy Eights is an idea I came up with purely by chance as I was pondering topics for blog posts. All of my previous postings have been narratives (Ok, a couple were rants). So, I want to try something a little different.

I’ve always had an affinity for making numbered lists to express myself. I do it often in emails because I find it helps me make sure I say everything I wanted to say. And it feels like lists are easier to read than paragraphs, not to mention the perk of getting away with sentence fragments and run-ons.

So the deal with Krazy Eights will be a list of eight things. They can be things that made me happy, things I did over the weekend, places I’ve traveled to, etc. The experiment is to see what different ideas spark when the format is a list. And also to discover things about myself by recording them. Feel free to suggest list topics along the way. Thanks and let me know what you think.

Today’s List is in Honor of a Friend’s Birthday:

Eight Krazy Things I Love about Dave:

  1. When he’s bored, the best solution is a game of balls-ball.
  1. At home, pants are always optional.
  1. Yellow cake is best with no icing (especially “mistake cake”).
  1. Soccer and baseball are the best sports, along with pro football and hockey. Oh yeah and college football too, and lacrosse. Basically all sports.
  1. Ice cream cake = FORK!
  1. It’s a good policy to learn all the words to as many Broadway hits as possible.
  1. When in doubt, eat more. You can always complain about a stomach ache later.
  1. The best way to compliment someone is to tell her she is your best friend east of the Mississippi.

And that about sums it up. Happy Birthday Dave! You are one of a kind!


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